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Professional Training STOTT PILATES®

The SweatShop affiliation with STOTT PILATES® began with Moira Merrithew guest teaching in 1994. We are one of the first STOTT PILATES® Licensed Training Centers in North America. We serve the upper Midwest. STOTT PILATES® is the leading globally recognized Pilates certification and is a contemporary approach to the method pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates.

Getting Started in Pilates

We offer two tracks for professional STOTT PILATES® training: the Comprehensive program and the Intensive program.

Whether you seek a specific STOTT PILATES® course, a continuing education workshop, or full training and certification, we have what you need.

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Course Offerings

Whether you are looking to take a specific STOTT PILATES® course, participate in a continuing education workshop, or complete the full training and certification process, we have what you need!

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