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Halo Trainer

Professional Training HALO

A versatile training program and tool that promotes functional strength and stability for all of your clients

More than just a prop, the Halo Trainer is featured as the basis for a complete training program allowing instructors to manipulate exercise attributes and intensity in individual training plans for clients.

Incorporating the basic science behind core-integrated bodyweight training, the unique design of the Halo® Trainer Plus and the use of a Stability Ball and additional small props, gives fitness trainers extensive and highly applicable tools.

The Halo Instructor Foundation Course presents the concepts of interval training principles and variables, the theories of both timed and repetition-based programs, and exercise sequences that progress through the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels

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Whether you are looking to take a specific Halo® Training course, participate in a continuing education workshop, or complete the full training and certification process, we have what you need!

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