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fitness training course

Fitness Training

The best way to reach your fitness potential is to start with a fitness assessment and work with our professional fitness trainers to evaluate your needs, goals, and what modalities will inspire you. Private sessions provide inspiration, encouragement, and lifelong education. Sessions are ALL ABOUT YOU! You and your trainer will choose a cardio workout that fits your body’s needs – spinning, running, walking, cardio equipment, and interval training are all on the menu. Strength training with all the props, weights, and resistance equipment is also available to you, to allow you to achieve your highest potential.

In addition to Introductory offers, private sessions can be purchased singly or in packages of 5 and 10 sessions.

fitness training

Fitness Training Sessions


The most popular way to train, it’s your private time with your personal trainer, focused on your needs.


Partner with a friend or family member who has a similar fitness level and goals.


Training with three or more in a group creates economy of scale and great workout partners. Most groups have standing weekly training times.

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Fitness Trainers

Your experience, personal needs, and preference determine which trainers will be the best fit for you. For the best outcomes and experience, we encourage training with multiple trainers, with different levels and specialty areas.

Level 1

Fitness Industry or college training in fitness training, health sciences with basic certification, and less than one year experience.

Level 2

Additional advanced training, national certification or degree, one year plus of experience.

Level 3

A minimum of three years’ experience, multiple certifications and degrees, more than one area of specialty, training in injuries and special populations.

Level 4

Advanced degrees (Doctorate of Physical Therapy) and advanced training in injuries and special populations, expertise in the complex needs of rehab clients and athletes.

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