Find a Workout Buddy – Amp Up Your Workout Motivation

Sometimes life is a maddening swirl—and it gets in the way of our health and wellness. So, if you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Boy, I’ve got no motivation to exercise” you’re definitely not alone. And, the good news is there’s a great way to get back on track: Find a workout buddy. Sound like a good […]

Workout Buddies

Get Fit and Healthy – and Rediscover Your Inner Athlete

Feeling out of shape—and struggling to adopt healthier habits? You’re not alone. Lots of people just like you want to get fit and healthy, but they find adopting new, healthy habits a challenge. That’s why we’re sharing some key fitness tips that will help you get back on track. In most of us, there is […]

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We Love Men: Let’s Get You Healthier!

We are practically doing backflips for men this month! June programming is one big welcome mat rolled out and intended to make it so easy to get started in Pilates. The payout for the smart men who take advantage of the June welcoming events? New body awareness, less pain, better sports performance, less stress, more […]

pilates for men

Start Your PILATES Career with our Comprehensive or Intensive Courses

Whether you’re a seasoned fitness pro … or not; whether you have teaching experience … or not; whether you have Anatomy knowledge … or not —- we have the program for you! And they start SOON! If you are interested in changing or enhancing your career, and Pilates is your dream, join us for the […]

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Workshops Announced — for March and June!

March Workshops — Saturday March 22nd — CORE Dynamic Resistance Training with Tubes; Saturday, Mar 22, 12-2pm; 0.2 CECs; $110 — Postural Theory and Application to Pilates Exercises; Saturday, March 22, 2:30-6:30pm; 0.4 CECs; $150 June Workshops — Saturday/Sunday, June 21st and 22nd — Total Barre Endurance 1; Saturday, June 21st, 12-4pm; 0.4 CECs; $150 […]

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