10 Ways to Health and Happiness During Holidays and Beyond

Taking care of our health is hard enough under normal circumstances if you live in America.  Life is busy.  We rush from one event to another, checking texts and emails every hour, deluged with news 24/7, real and fake, and 100’s of other events, personal and professional. Layer holiday expectations and winter challenges and BLAM! […]

Restorative Yoga

Have Fun, Workout, Eat Healthy and Lose Weight

Let’s be frank!  Life in America can be stressful. You can run out of time to get all your workouts in and worse, you can run out of steam. Best intentions of eating well can go out the window. You may set a goal to get a workout  or walk in everyday and the next […]

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M.A.T. – What a Way to Feel Better!

The Sweatshop has added yet another very cutting edge healing therapy to our already extraordinary menu of services! Most of you have wrapped your heads around ALL the benefits of fitness and our POWER approach, all four levels of Pilates training. Many of you are seeing our Sunday chiropractor Dr. Karlynn on a regular basis. […]

M.A.T. Muscle Activation Techniques

Fitness and Wellness Short Hand; What’s Your Number?

We can all agree that pursuing better health, fitness and wellness is a valuable goal, but how do we track and measure it? The path varies with each person and measuring methods can be confusing. Techno-tracking devices have now been around long enough to know what works; knowing your number goal can drive you to […]

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How Your Golf Swing Affects Performance and Pain

There are many reasons why people choose to stop golfing, but pain should never be one of them. In many cases, negative swing characteristics lead to pain and an increased risk of injury. Per Titleist Performance Institute, there are 16 major swing characteristics that can cause issues. S-Posture: style of set-up that can put stress […]

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Holiday DROP 12 (lbs of STRESS!)

Drop 12 is a group training program, focused on increasing workout intensity, efficiency and frequency AND make healthy changes in diet to enable weight loss up to 12 pounds. Fitness Director, Anthony Munkholm will help you set goals, support you and the group in meeting those goals and achieve a whole new sense of well being. […]

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Our NEW Meditation program INTRO sessions

MBSR is an 5-week program that systematically works with the challenges and demands of everyday life through guided instruction in meditation practices, integrated with gentle stretching and mindful yoga, led by David Alley, EdD and MBSR trainer. This course is something you cannot get anywhere else, and its less of a time commitment than traditional […]

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Drop-in Meditation Thursdays

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program Drop-in. Did you miss the first meditation program of the year? Relax. Take a deep breath and exhale. Here comes another chance to reduce life’s challenges: stress, illness, pain, depression, headaches, sleep disorders, aging, change, or just life. The MBSR 8-week program systematically works with these challenges of everyday life […]

meditation course

The power of NUTRITION…

Why we do what we do. Read Alice’s story as published in the Pioneer Press this Sunday, January 31st. Much appreciation to Alice for allowing our community to be inspired by your incredible journey. Interested in improving nutrition? Check out this special offer and call us @ 651-646-8418 Purchase 5- 30min. Nutrition Coaching Sessions- get 1 FREE […]

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