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Get Fit and Healthy – and Rediscover Your Inner Athlete

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July 18, 2018

Feeling out of shape—and struggling to adopt healthier habits? You’re not alone. Lots of people just like you want to get fit and healthy, but they find adopting new, healthy habits a challenge. That’s why we’re sharing some key fitness tips that will help you get back on track.

In most of us, there is a beating heart of an athlete, ready to find a way to get to peak performance in whatever form. And the good news is it’s never too early or too late to start. In fact, our SweatShop athletes currently range in age from 14 to 89. All it takes is a commitment to get strong, push your limits, and find the fun in the journey.


10 fitness tips to get you started

  1. Pace Yourself. Don’t go from 0-60 in one workout. If you are starting from a low activity base
  2. Buddy Up.  Workout buddies can help keep you accountable and push you a little further than you might go on your own. Maybe it’s one person who you meet several times a week or a different person for each workout.

We know a group that has worked out for years together once a week. And if one person is not going to show up, that person must call all the other members. Guess what? They ALL almost always make it.

  1. Relax & Release. Your downtime and recovery are as important as your uptime. Like any good athlete, recovery time is critical and helps improve performance.

Massage, myofascial release, regular chiropractic care – all of these can improve your movement and prepare you for more action and faster recovery. Schedule it in.

  1.  Go to bed! Optimally, we all benefit from 7-9 hours of sleep each night, but when you are designing an optimal training program and training harder, sleep is where your muscles repair and grow in an anabolic (muscle-building) state.
  2. Focus on compound movements. Focus on movements that use multiple joints and muscles. The more muscles you use, the more muscle can be gained. Part of the reason kettlebells and TRX are so effective is that they’re designed to do these compound movements.
  3. Explode… in a good way. Include exercises that include some explosive movement. Squats with jumps and vertical jumps will not only give you big payback in conditioning but will improve your landing mechanics and balance.
  4. Eat well. Any great athlete has a great nutrition plan. Find out what works for your body – it doesn’t matter if it’s paleo to vegan. If it’s balanced, high in nutrients, low in sugar, and devoid of processed food, you will thrive and your workouts will be well-fueled. Good nutrition builds good bodies, great muscles, and the energy needed to feel like an athlete.
  5. Drink H20 all day long. Dehydration can derail the best workout plans. Muscles and organs all require hydration to function well. Research has shown that fascia plays a huge role in your performance and cannot function without optimal hydration.
  6. Keep moving for active recovery. Plan to keep moving after a workout to prevent post-workout soreness and speed the recovery process next. Move naturally and easily with a few blocks walk.
  7. Find the JOY! There are so many ways to workout. Finding your inner athlete also means finding what gives you JOY. Don’t do something that that sucks energy from your soul. Find the thing that makes your heart sing.

Getting fit and healthy is a journey – get started

Close your eyes and picture a time when you felt your physical best; maybe it was on a sports team—gymnastics, football, hockey, tennis. Or maybe, you were on an outdoor adventure hiking, biking, climbing, canoeing, sailing, or skiing. Perhaps it was when you devoted time to workouts, nutrition, and sleep.

What would it take to feel that great again? And, for some of us, how would you like to experience it for the first time ever?

Embrace these simple fitness tips and you’ll begin that journey.

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