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10 Ways to Health and Happiness During Holidays and Beyond

Restorative Yoga

December 19, 2017

Taking care of our health is hard enough under normal circumstances if you live in America.  Life is busy.  We rush from one event to another, checking texts and emails every hour, deluged with news 24/7, real and fake, and 100’s of other events, personal and professional. Layer holiday expectations and winter challenges and BLAM! It’s too much. So, we are advocating for you and your health this season and always to get some simple Health Care rituals in place during the holidays and treat them as sacred.

  1. Focus on spending quality time as a holiday ritual. Think of time together as a social even with food present not and eating event with people present. Americans are known for packing on pounds during the Holidays that are so hard to come off, if ever.
  2. Adopt a new morning healthy ritual to ensure a healthy start to each day right! And we mean easy:
  1. Commit to a 30-minute daily workout! We challenge SweatShoppers to 30 days of 30 minutes a day. Everyone rising to that challenge is so much better for it. This Sweatshop challenge has more participants than any other. Can’t make it for 30 days? Shoot for a minimum of 30 minutes a day at least 3 times a week. Those that do morning workouts are less likely to blow it off. BUT if morning doesn’t work, do your workout on your way home from work (its harder to leave the house to workout when you’re tired from a long day). Do both Saturdays and Sundays. Choose intense 30-minute workouts and get big bang for your time invested. TRX and Kettlebell are great ways to continue to gain strength in a short amount of time. Spin and Power Row will maintain and increase your cardiovascular health. Keeping your workout routine will help lower your stress during this crazy, busy time.
  1. Stay hydrated. Hydration boosts your immune system, boosts your energy and will make you glow with health.
  2. Choose what gatherings and events you want to go to – and enjoy them! You don’t need to attend every event you are invited to, and occasional nights out will not undo your healthy progress. AND if you don’t feel like going stay home in your jammies and enjoy!
  3. Allow yourself to indulge in the most special holiday treats, especially if they are homemade! Skip store bought treats that you can get anytime. If you completely deprive yourself, you may run out of willpower and overeat.
  4. If you are drinking alcohol, consider a ratio of two glasses of water for every glass of wine, beer or cocktail AND LIMIT!
  5. Can’t get to the gym? Stuck in airport? Walk, move, stretch…and breathe. Make sure to move every day.
  6. The power of SOUP! Cooking meals ahead of time can keep you eating healthily. Making a soup can last for days. Crockpot meals help you to avoid fast food when you have minimal time to cook each night.
  7. Lower your expectations. Allow for plans to change. Remind yourself that you can’t control everything. Make time for yourself. It is a great time to start using a meditation app – Headspace and Calm are a couple easy ones to add to your smart phone. Do it during delays. Start or end your days with some quiet moments.

What would you add to this list? What have you learned that works?  What would you not give up that keeps you sane? Joyous? Healthy?

Post your favorite self-care ritual on our Facebook page!

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