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  • Call Program Director for complete syllabus.
  • STOTT PILATES® Rehabiliation Course

  • STOTT PILATES® Exam Events

  • STOTT PILATES® Workshop Events

  • Note: All workshops (except special guest workshops), CEC courses, & repertoire review are available for purchase by individual or small group professionals at $80-$105/hour depending on course content and number of participants. Call Program Director for more information.
  • STOTT PILATES® Master Classes

  • The SweatShop is licensed as a private career school with the Minnesota Office of Higher Education pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 136A.821 to 136A.832. Licensure is not an endorsement of the institution. Credits earned at the institution may not transfer to all other institutions.
  • Other Professional Fitness Training Courses and Workshops at The SweatShop

  • The purpose of this seminar is to learn tips and tricks about how to properly use an omni-directional foam roller. In recent years, the foam roller has become an essential training/recovery tool for athletes and is widely used for rehabilitation purposes. The foam roller is an essential tool for injury prevention. However, using a roller is not as simple as just getting on it and rolling. Technique is key and in this seminar you will learn everything you need to know to get the most out of your rolling experience.
  • *Registration is direct through TRX and is available 3 months prior to the course date: Visit
  • Registration Policies and Information for Minnesota Pilates Center and The SweatShop

    • Contact hours for each course are listed in parenthesis ().
    • Additional outside course hours are required for CMR and all INTENSIVE courses for the course(s) to be considered complete, which are as follows: observation hours (5-10 hours per course); physical practice hours (10-40 hours per course); practice teaching hours (5-25 per course).
    • Registration form must accompany $250 for each course registered (if total course is $250 or less, 100% tuition is required). Workshop tuition must be paid in full at time of registration.
    • Early registration is available and recommended. Requires full payment 45 days prior to course start date. NO exceptions, please.
    • Costs of required course materials are in addition to tuition amount and range from $55-400. Details regarding materials will be communicated via e-mail by the Program Director prior to course start date. Materials may be purchased by the student at
    • Full course/workshop descriptions, prerequisites and policies are available online.
    • Minnesota Pilates Center and The SweatShop reserve the right to cancel courses and workshops. Fees will be refunded within 30 days or alternative course offered.
    • Prices Subject to Change without notice.
    • All courses/workshops have a minimum student requirement to be held.
    • Courses/Workshops will not be held on the following holidays: New Years Day, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day.
    • Course time missed must be made up with an Instructor Trainer at an additional hourly fee for every hour of course time missed.
    • The SweatShop does not award grades, take attendance, or give credit for previous training.
    • Students with concerns or complaints should first speak to their instructor. If unsatisfied with response, bring concerns to program director or SweatShop owner.
    • Students must conduct themselves professionally. Immediate dismissal may result from any of the following: failure to attend; failure to adhere to course expectations; disrespect toward instructors, fellow students, SweatShop employees or clients.

    Refund Policy/Buyer's Right to Cancel

    • Long Programs -- (Programs greater than 40 hours)
    • Each student will be notified of acceptance/rejection in writing. In the event a student is rejected, all tuition, fees and other charges will be refunded. Notwithstanding anything to the contrary, if a student gives written notice of cancellation within five business days of the execution of the contract or day on which the student is accepted, then a complete refund is given regardless of whether the program has started.
    • If a student gives a written notice of cancellation after five business days of the execution of the contract or day on which the student is accepted, but before the start of the program by the school, then all tuition, fees and other charges, except 15 percent of the total cost of the program (15 percent not to exceed $50.00) shall be refunded to the student.
    • If a student gives written notice of cancellation after the start of the period of instruction for which the student has been charged, but before completion of 75 percent of the period of instruction, then student is assessed a pro rata portion of tuition, fees and all other charges based on the number of days in the term plus 25 percent of the total program cost (25 percent not to exceed $100.00.)
    • Any notice of cancellation shall be acknowledged in writing within 10 business days of receipt of such notice and all refunds shall be forwarded to the student within 30 business days of receipt of such notice. This refund policy is not linked to any student conduct policy and any promissory instrument shall not be negotiated prior to the completion of 50 percent of the course.
    • Written notice of cancellation shall take place on the date the letter of cancellation is postmarked or, in the case where the notice is hand carried, it shall occur on the date the notice is delivered to the school. The date of execution of the enrollment agreement shall be presumed to be the date of delivery of the notice of acceptance: and if delivered by mail, the postmark date of the letter of acceptance.
    • Short Programs -- (Programs between 16 and 40 hours)
    • If your application is rejected, you will receive a full refund of all tuition, fees, and other charges. If your program is 40 hours or less and you withdrew from your program, your refund will be pro-rated by the number of hours attended and the length of the program. To receive a full refund of tuition, fees, and other charges, you must withdraw from your program before the scheduled start day of the program. You will receive written notice acknowledging your withdraw request within 10 business days after receipt of the notice and you will receive a refund of any tuition, fees, and other charges within 30 business days of receipt of your withdrawal. Written notice is effective of the date of the postmark if sent by mail or the day it has been hand-delivered to the institution.
    • Other Courses/Workshops Under 16 Hours
    • All courses/workshops under 16 hours are subject to the following cancellation policy: If you cancel out of a workshop two weeks or more prior to workshop date, your tuition is transferred to a future course/workshop less a $50 cancellation/transfer fee. If you cancel out of a workshop under two weeks notice, the workshop fee paid is non-transferabble and non-refundable because your attendance would be a deciding factor in running the workshop..
  • All Professional Registration submissions will include auto-enrollment in our Perkville Rewards program.
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