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STOTT PILATES® developed its Rehabilitation Program specifically for professionals who assess, diagnose, treat and prescribe exercise for the…

Though baffling that there is only ONE day devoted to a position that is life-defining and 24/7, we…

WHAT CAN YOU GET FOR $35 THESE DAYS? Members can add an additional family member for a $35…

We are continuing to celebrate the SweatShops 35th birthday through the end of April with a HUGE sale…

Top at many peoples resolution lists revolve around the theme of change. Resolute to follow your passion and…

Mindfulness-based Stress Reduction (MBSR) Program Drop-in. Did you miss the first meditation program of the year? Relax. Take…

• CAKE WALK WORKOUT, SATURDAY, APRIL 23 @10 am Remember cake walks from your school days? This is…

• SPIN INTO SPRING CHALLENGE SweatShop Spin team has raised the bar with more challenging Spin workouts, a…

WE LOVE MEN in March The SweatShop community has been 70% women … and 30% REALLY SMART MEN!…

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