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Bastille Day returns! Come work out and then pull on your beret and celebrate our community thisSunday, July…

When: Saturday, July 16th; 12:00-5:00pm Where: The SweatShop — 167 Snelling Avenue N, St. Paul Cost: $110 (or…

Enjoy Open House and earn extra Perkville points! Fill in 4 squares plus the Bring a Friend box,…

Learn about heart rate training in a short summer bootcamp; Monday: Learn how to get effective cardio workouts…

Good Afternoon! It seems that we are currently having some issues with receiving phone calls at the moment.…

We Love Men Pilates Workshop lets you try Pilates on for size. Find out how Pilates can improve…

Are you going to be in town July 2nd? Enjoy our open house lineup, bring a friend to…

School’s out!! Make up for lost workout time during the semester. Indulge yourself in a 3-month POWER GT…

PILATES PACKAGES WITH OUR NEWEST PILATES INTERNS! We have a “bumper crop” of soon-to-be full-fledged Pilates trainers and…

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