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Fitness and Wellness Short Hand; What’s Your Number?

matt Bjork fitness and wellness

April 18, 2017

We can all agree that pursuing better health, fitness and wellness is a valuable goal, but how do we track and measure it? The path varies with each person and measuring methods can be confusing.

Techno-tracking devices have now been around long enough to know what works; knowing your number goal can drive you to hit it daily. Fitbits, Jawbones, Apple Watches and more, do not have magic powers that get you fit by wearing them, but do support a powerful principle of setting simple goals that can be broken down daily and measured. The powerful and constant feedback allows us to succeed.

BUT how do you choose numbers?

It is individual and personal, but simple. Choose a focus or two that is doable and meaningful and turn it in to a short-hand reminder, with a number.

Here are examples of how knowing and choosing your numbers work:

10,000, 12,000 or 15.000; As in steps per day.

This is a daily baseline for many people. What we love about this: somewhere around 4 in the afternoon all around the globe, folks are looking at their devices and planning to get a workout in. For most people with 8-5 jobs, if you don’t walk to work or in work, you can’t get to 10,000 steps. SweatShoppers dash in at the end of the day to hop on the treadmill to get another 6,000 steps in or strap their fitbit to their bike shoes during a Spin class. These devices are the best at keeping this front and center during your day and really improve consciousness with real numbers.

8: As in hours of sleep per night.

Tracking devices have given a big wake-up call to many about sleep deficits and brought improving sleep habits into focus. SweatShop trainers are trying to get an extra hour of sleep as an upgrade from before. Progress, not perfection – right?

7: As in days to move, exercise, workout, run, walk, etc.

This is all individual and depends on where you start. For folks just starting to exercise, maybe it’s 3 or 4. For many of us, it’s a lifestyle 7-days a week. Trainer Lynn says her numbers are 5-2- 2: 5 weekly runs, 2 Pilates days, and 2 gym workouts.

25: As in minutes, a good goal for HIIT or SBT workouts.

These are incredibly effective workout techniques that get results. Fitness Director Anthony has led 50-plus members in our Drop 12 in 6 program. This jump-start program that includes 3 of these 25-minute workouts a week along with changes in weekly nutrition, and guess what? Everyone has had great success from pounds dropped, endurance and confidence increased, and here’s a number: a drop in cholesterol of 80 points!

30: As in a daily minimum of minutes meditating

to see a difference in stress indicators, like blood pressure, cholesterol, mental clarity and reduced cortisol. Or 30 minutes of hard work daily to get those endorphins pumping in.

So pick a number!

Pick several numbers that represent the change or direction you need to go to make steady improvement. Pick the tools – from a fitness tracker to a heart rate monitor – and then pick a trainer or a team and get going on hitting those numbers. The magic number is the one that gives you the power and focus to hit your goal.

The WALL; we invite you to share your number on our graffiti wall. A public declaration may hold you to it

FACEBOOK; Check out our staff and their numbers to get some ideas or to be amazed.

Trainer and Guest Service staff member Matt, has 4,000….. that’s calories each daily, not steps. Trainer and Spin Captain Andrea’s number is 8, for 8 hours of sleep. Check in and post your number on our Facebook page and we’ll give you a shout out And some Perkville points.

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