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It’s Our Birthday! Here’s How We’re Celebrating

sweatshop fitness staff

April 4, 2017

We are celebrating a remarkable 36 years of Pilates and fitness this month through many different birthday events. Here’s the latest of happenings in the SweatShop.

36th Birthday Challenge

We’re in a party mood in April and we want you to jump on board with us. 30 days of workouts (minimum of 30 minutes a day) and 6 community building events. These events include:

Sign up for the Challenge ASAP to give you the best shot at completing and win a t-shirt and 100 Perkville points!

36th Birthday Cake Walk Workout

Saturday, April 29th at 10am

Remember cake walks from your school days? This is the SweatShop version – a little more sweat and athleticism. Join SweatShop staff and owner Gayle Winegar on Saturday, April 29 @ 10am for our annual all-club, all-level, outdoor workout. Plan on 36 minutes of running, jogging, or walking (your choice), followed with a boot camp type workout of anything we can do in 36’s. (Think 36 pushups, 36 squats and 36 ab crunches!) Bubbly and cake served on completion of workout, along with some special sales prices worth celebrating. Bring a new to SweatShop friend and we’ll reward oth of you with 100 Perkville points. Do RSVP with the Guest Services team (this counts for three on the Challenge!).

SweatShop Alumni Workout

Thursday, April 27th at 6:30pm

We are putting a call out to the 100’s of SweatShop instructors from around the country (actually globe) …and invite them back for a star-studded night of good ol-fashioned aeroics. So get out your leg warmers, your thongs, your Reeboks – we’ll crank up the “tape deck” and lead off with the best music. Please RSVP for this event.

Spring Fling Fashion Show

Friday, April 28th at 7pm

Our neighbors really know how to sell a party. Join us for fashion and fitness on April 28 with Karma, LuLa’s, Spoils of Wear, Teeny Bee, Martha’s Garden, Flirt, UpSix, Initially Yours, and the SweatShop. Proceeds will go to Union Park District Council and Women Ventures. Tickets will be available to purchase at all participating locations for $10. Event held at WACPAC, 161 Snelling Ave North (next door to the SweatShop).

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