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How Your Golf Swing Affects Performance and Pain

physical therapist assistant Jennifer mastro

February 22, 2017

There are many reasons why people choose to stop golfing, but pain should never be one of them. In many cases, negative swing characteristics lead to pain and an increased risk of injury. Per Titleist Performance Institute, there are 16 major swing characteristics that can cause issues.

  1. S-Posture: style of set-up that can put stress on the lower back and hinder golf swing rotation
  2. C-Posture: style of set-up that can limit rotation of the spine and affect posture during swing
  3. Loss of Posture: any alteration from proper set-up that changes the angles of your golf swing
  4. Flat Shoulder Plane: standing up during the backswing, creating level shoulders throughout the swing
  5. Flying Elbow: extremely high elbow during backswing
  6. Early Extension: movement towards the ball during the swing
  7. Over the Top: one of the leading causes of slicing the ball
  8. Sway: excessive lower body movement away from the ball during backswing
  9. Slide: excessive lower body movement towards the ball during downswing
  10. Late Buckle: excessive lower body movement towards the ball after impact
  11. Reverse Spine Angle: the #1 cause of lower back pain
  12. Forward Lunge: aggressive upper body lunge towards ball during transition
  13. Hanging Back: a lack of forward weight shift during the downswing
  14. Casting: early release of the club
  15. Scooping: common to happen when casting is done, due to lofting the club
  16. Chicken Winging: breakdown of lead arm, limits speed and power

Jen Mastro, the SweatShop’s own TPI certified golf trainer, began learning how to correct these negative characteristics because she did not want anyone to stop playing golf solely because of pain. This had led to the SweatShop creating a special package available to you. Purchase 5 sessions, including a pre- and post-screen for only $425. You’ll be able to see results by your first few rounds of golf this spring!

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